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JASON ZEH "A Man in the Quiet of the Night..." CD CIP / Horrible PARANORMAL ACTIVITY TAPE WORK (P>A>T>W) versus Digital Format in a budweiser soaked fight mat in Bowling Green Ohio? What? Zeh wins, if you can imagine a a 80 pound (wet with shadow lifting weights) J. Z getting in a skrap with ANYTHING. This CD is a T>T>W>R (total tape weirdo rager). SUPER WEIRD, never seen my man bust a weak set or heard a weak jamm. A MILLION thrift store portable tape recorders ARMY OF THE DEAD lurching forward in slo mo, armed with hiss and BOWLING GREEN RUBBISH (B>G>R) on a horrible creature street crawl/rampage. Digital tomfoolery I detect kreepin on this, no track one? Which is the source? huh? Amazing xerxor-streaker hell art (much like the awes cvr the WJU/C Sax lp hahah), makes a player front seat on the ZEH FAN KLUB (Z>F>K). Didn't he grip his PHD in a marathon weekend writing frenzy too? On how to put human experiences and brain memory on magnetic tape to store for future races....only to halfway to erase them?? GENIUS!. ps= Collab tape on Gods of Tundra with "File Under Trad. Irish" Connelly rules too, hard.

PLASTIC FORMATIONS "Arriving At The End To Find Another Beginning" Community College 24 Cass. / Don't know Beginning/ End im @ but I def. gripped this killer strange tape! Someone once wrote in a review of the mind-blowing NEW DAWN lp that "if a rec starts with the sound of nature, its usually a good sign" - to that statement i'll replace NATURE with UNGODLY TENSE HISS and use that for the PF review. I luv me some strange sounds trying to breathe/ release into a world of HISS to reveal they ugly mugs, and this tape nails it. Couldn't tell you word one about the devices to put into this tape, but whatever they used; RULES. Edition of 30, ALL WEIRD. Kool cover showing a parallel universe landscape that looks nice enuff to post up with a kooler for a nice afternoon. & = Fave new label name. aka THE WORKS.

JOHN WESLEY POWELL Untitled CD./ Man, total creeper here. Super nice packaging, hand water color axtion on the kind of paper i wish i had a spare room filled with instead of the blank backs of Macintosh, Honda Dealership, & NEC Local Code Exemptions papers that are used in hut.... Anyhow, here was have two killer home-jammers inside, one long solo guitar workout that keeps itself firmly OUTTA the "older underground dude that wants to show his crew he actually PLAY" camp and has a killer lost/drifting vibe that sits real nice on a grey day zootin around town in the BLUES HAWK. Second track is some uber weirdo synth / electronic jam piece thats really sweet. Like an outtake outta LAZADO ANDERS "Sky" lp. Stoked on this, good pairing. Cant tell you how I gripped it or what the dude is, but what-eves, = SOFT RAGER. Edition of 12? YES!

SIX IDEALISTS FOR IDEAL TEN Comp tape Ideal 64./ Nice "crew only" comp tape celebrating Ten Years of Swedens/Joachims Ideal Label. Nice pro-printed tape, with killer high class strange homemade euro sounds = Henrik Rylander, Andreas Tilliander, CEO Joachim, others. Has some stuffy abstract electronics, some abstract beat action, others. Considering how 90 % of the tape output from the new crew around the HUT sounds like cans, plastic, and burger king cups being run over and dragged across the rainy HOWARD street in the front yard, and HELL YEAH THAT RULES/RAGES/ its a surprise creeper to hear a tape with high end jamm attack..... the DEAD LETTERS SPELL OUT DEAD WORDS track is ripper, the whole tape sounds like a good soundtrack for the next marathon Conn-Zone chess tournament. Good stuff, edition of a hundred. NICE. BTW: This tape sounds best under a shower of post-dated Hen Hog NUTMEG Egg Nog. All over.

REGRESSION "Worm Shit" AA Records Cass./ Had a weirdo experience with this one. Was bumpin this bad boy stuck in traffic along 75 Southbound. In the afternoon, sunny, and it just CREEPED ME OUT. .. middle of the day style...on 75 Southbound, like around the 94 ramps, there, always clogged up. Super eerie skin crawling thing. Downer klang, abstract lyrics, moaning, harmonica, = all under my skin. AMAZING. Moaning caged and coiled- comparison to SNAKEGUN's " was a long conversion and at the end we didn't shake hands" - weird tape they did in 84 notwithstanding. If this was a raw homemade synth tape from the UK,..... I would turn it off and put this bad boy in the deck instead. Nothing like rollin to practice, creeped out, to work on some creep jams, creeping low in the basement of the SECOND BASE on a sunny day with a crew of CREEPS who are CREEPIN, TUFF. Amazing lurking tape from my man, modern blues style, abstract with low-tech weapons of slow collapsing destruction. Eerie cover to match= Litho looking, noose hair fem thing= RADIKAL LOOMER HOMEMADE FERTILIZER SOUND DELUXXE. Post PROGRESSION last-mug-in the world-sound land to get lost in......

HUM OF THE DRUID untitled Abisko cass/. Another tight high class design job Swedish style from my main man Tommy C's Abisko output. Thought HT>D lp on uh, Pat Yankee's label was super raw noise supreme. The drawings totally help paint just a nasty pic in the nugget of a creature lost in the rainy northwest woods or f'in MARS for that matter, living on trash, neon waste, and rodents dipped in rotten moldy stale water. Kinda takes me to a killer DARK FANTASY evil world like a soundtrack to NOT ONE OF US or AFTER-HOURS killer homemade evil fiction zines of the past. Side two has what i think are VOCALS, who knows, hidden underneath the tidal wave of murk and disgust-tones/texture. Killer tape, nicely delivered floating downstream on a rank river of unknown filth.....ugghhhghghgh........

FUCKING AMATEURS "50" 6 cd omega comp./ Furkken hell! Mega!! Classic UK underground sound world complete supreme! Just when you thought Very Good Records/ "These are the Sounds You Hear in Your Head" was the end all of strangeness from the dank island, think again. When I first busted this, i got thru like three cds and thought it was a bunch of tracks from one weirdo UK troupe from the past, - which ruled cause the first thing i busted was the live dictaphone madness loop material, and then the RAP CONTEST tracks, and i was in drooling heaven. Only until some free rock stuff I looked at the rad booklet and found out it was a comp, but in me idea pot i still think it one large bllaaggggrrhhhhhh from a goof troupe that since retired into a moldy pub and put down the toys of the trade. Regardless, this RULES. Tons of units, great goof vibe, killer graphics, the works. Succeeds amazing, just like the Face Like A Smarked Arse days. Whose on it? EVERYONE, and hopefully half of em are FAKE. From homemade electronics to live mayhem= all amazing. My came with a button (er...badge) that has already been through four left-on-flannel wash-throughs....A MAJOR RAGER!! -ps= no relation to Toni Olson fan-club. Some bloke should this whole beast on a wax boxset! "CHANGE YR UNDERPANTS- NOT THE WORLD"

HIVE MIND "Cities in Bronze" Double Cass Chronditic Sound / Hell yeah, good one here. Could be titled "Sounds for Raging Washing Machines in Rust Prom on Halloween"- first tape side one, super eerie FOG keys action with nasty metal klatter in the black-ground, really strong and effective, the knuckle full of notes used are right on and very soundtrack-y to a terrible horrible depressing bleak flesh creaking glue table flick. Other sides are live? Besides a couple of obligatory "woos" and yelps, the party ends there. Side two just goes from non-activity to even more non activity or evolves into nothing Sounds like a lathe cut verison of DD Disdain's "CAGE OF WATER" mind-blowing electronic lp from Idaho circa 74......Double tapes just plain rule and stack this mug in the pantheon. Things I have called this slow ripper:
"....dunno man....that gold box thing..."
....countless others....BRONZE you wont find anywheres in there. But now its infront of me grill....BRONZE. Sharp graphics and heavy paper choice, killer printing,,,,...nice, - housed in them classic boxes you just cant get enuff of. If this sound world is a city, better find the nearest party store cause SHIT IS GOING DOWN, like four frozen sound seconds of that 2012 blockbuster. Crashing, static, terror, confusion = get to that party store, fast. Gets shrieking loud, rules, = was prob at one of these captured jammers herein= but prob trapped outside clapping with Mike Clark about the diff. pressing for "Hardcore Ljubljana" comp lp, not even mention the insert differences...... But worry not, this set is firmly set, like hydrated concrete in the annals of TAPE RULERDOM. !!!!!

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  1. "the new crew around the HUT sounds like cans, plastic, and burger king cups being run over and dragged across the rainy HOWARD street in the front yard" - ball til you fall